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Building and running GopherVR on Gentoo in 2017

 [BIN] gophervr can be downloaded here from floodgap.
Right off the bat things started to get interesting. The file
isn't actually a tarball but some sort of ZIP file, so use
unzip(1) to extract the source files.

The dependencies on Gentoo are x11-misc/imake (a build time
dependency, for xmkmf), x11-libs/motif, and
media-fonts/font-misc-misc. If you have a HiDPI screen, I
also recommend media-fonts/terminus-font (more on that later).

The first (and only mandatory) patch fixes some font names in libvogl.
 [TXT] diff -u libvogl/drivers/X11.c{.old,}
From here, you can directly proceed to run "make linux" from
/gophervr. If the build is successful, change directory to
/gophervr/gophervr and run ./gophervr.

If you have a HiDPI screen like me, install the terminus font
and create a new xorg.conf.d file to allow it to be recognized.
 [TXT] /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/15-fonts.conf
and then run mkfontdir and mkfontscale in
/usr/share/fonts/terminus and restart X. Now apply another
patch, this time to gophervr itself.
 [TXT] diff -u gophervr/burrower.c{.old,}
It's a marginal improvement, but much better than nothing.

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